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Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) Selects Labor Management Institute to Develop Content and Training for Certification


The Workforce Educational Organization and the Labor Management Institute Announce Launch of Multi-Level Education Programs for Workforce Asset Management Certification, Research and Collaboration.
LEMONT, IL and BLOOMINGTON, MN, July 2, 2013 – The Workforce Educational Organization (WEO) announced today their selection of Labor Management Institute (LMI) to develop all content and training for all WEO education and certification programs. The launch of the multi-level education programs and workforce management professional curriculum and certification is the first of its kind within the industry! LMI is collaborating with WEO sponsors and industry leaders to fill the gaps in Workforce Management Technology (WMT). Additionally LMI will provide the WEO with research in workforce management and technology.

Fill the Gap
    Take the Lead
           Get Certified!

Introducing an entirely new, absolutely essential program for every employer and every professional working in the area of workforce management technology.
Advancing….Timekeeping, labor scheduling, workforce analytics, attendance management, biometric and mobile technology, payroll, finance, HR and operations systems – all have been rapidly evolving, becoming more complex and integrated. Look how far technology has come so quickly.
Increasing…. Regulations, Financial Demands, Competition, Work-Life Balance Demands, Transparency and Compliance – from every direction come more requirements and complexity and greater emphasis on savings and productivity. The requirements for proper actions and decisions are not going to diminish.
Expertise…. Professionals tasked with the job of managing these time and attendance systems and issues are mastering a unique set of skills and knowledge. This unique and complicated domain is now being recognized as a specialty area of professional development.
Your co-workers in IT have it. Professionals in Finance, HR and Payroll have it too.
Now WE HAVE IT – Certified Workforce Educational Organization – CERTIFICATION!

Education….  The one area that hasn’t kept pace is the science and teaching of workforce management practices and technologies. Employers and professionals need a place to go to understand the key principles and standards of performance, management practices and technology options in this area. Researchers and thought leaders need to coordinate and disseminate their work. Policy makers need a repository of information and a conduit to connect with their constituents. The WEO and the WEO Pro Certification will pull all of the materials and parties together.
Credibility…. Employers and professionals need to identify true domain specialists. Organizations and practitioners need a credible entity to validate their practices and expertise. The Workforce Educational Organization is the new focal point for the industry - THE place to go to learn, get certified, validate and collaborate.
Competition….. In today’s competitive business environment employers and professionals need a competitive advantage. Keep up with other technologists. Move beyond your competitors when you apply your knowledge to solve your organization’s business problems and increase profits and productivity. Show your leadership, validate your knowledge, skills and abilities.
Innovate…. The Workforce Educational Organization is the place to find, create and recognize innovators, to share information, to study and to mature. Labor is typically the single largest expense of most employers and yet it is the last to be studied, taught, modeled, enhanced and perfected. It’s time to put energy into defining, refining and learning what works.
Imagine what a corps of professionals with a standard lexicon, a body of knowledge, certified case studies, the rigors of university level academic study and experimentation, and collaboration with product developers and practitioners can do to change our industry, to change our organizations and our profession!